Tap Handle Take Over

Since I had a great outcome with my dark stained tap handle, I thought I’d make some more and sell them online. Mostly I guess I was so bent that no one sold chalkboard ones less than $39.

On one of my many trips to Lowes, this time at one in another city, I came across some shorter table legs on clearance. They were a type of oak wood and I figured I could make it work.

Another one of my distractions when I’m in DIY mode, is that I have brainstorms of ways to improve my workshop environment. This time, I wanted to have an easier way to set in the threaded inserts. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I ended up finding the proper inserts at Lowes, I just wasn’t looking in the right spot. These, as you can kind of see in the first picture, are brass and insert all the way in without any metal showing like it did on my first tap handle.

I was also on a quest to finally finish Mark’s second, matching one. I was thrilled that in lined up just right on the first try.

As you can see in this picture, I had quite the assembly line going.


I would’ve ended up with 4 of the same kind, however I had used one of the short table legs for my Walnut (mixed wood) tap handle. On the remaining 3, I had bought a strip of oak wood for the chalkboard part – this way the wood grains would match. I routed the edges, trimmed the leg, and assembled. The picture below shows them in two stages – initial stain and second coat. I will end up finishing them all with 3 (possibly 4) coats, so they get that nice glean.


I had also bought a larger table leg, similar to the ones I did for Mark, but this one was Oak and had grooves in it. I shaped a piece of my Oak strip, but this time decided to get a little fancier and curved it in to meet up with the base. I then followed up with and chisels to blend to grooves as best I can. Once this one is painted or stained, I will post pictures.