Tap This Setup

First, I should give a quick little intro to my brewing name – unfortunately I don’t have an awesome or glamorous story, however, Tap This Homebrew (Tap This Brewing Co. one day), is the awesome name I came up with. The name came about during the few weeks surrounding my first full batch all-grain brew day. I was trying to come up with a name for the beer I was brewing and realized I needed to add my own homebrew/brewery identity to it as well. I struggled with this, tossing around several ideas with my wife. She said to call it “Brando’s Brew”. I thought maybe “BC Brew”, but then a light bulb went off and “Tap This” came out.

As for the meaning, well…let’s just say it’s versatile.

My Equipment

Outlined below is the equipment I currently have for brewing 5 gal + all-grain batches. You can scale back some items, as I tend to go big, or go with brew-in-a-Bag or even extract brewing.

Any business links I share are just ones that I’ve come across…shop around and choose the business that suits your needs and price range the best. Don’t forget to check out what their shipping costs are.


Brewing Equipment (details coming soon)
Mash Paddle
Mash Tun
pH Meter (coming soon)
Wort Chiller
Fermenting Equipment
Brewbit Temperature Control
Fermentation Chamber (Freezer)
Heater – Fish Tank Heater
Bottling Equipment
Blichmann Bottling Gun
Bottling Bucket
Bottling Wand
Capper – Table Top
Kegging Equipment

Danby Kegerator