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Here are some sites that I’ve used to research the various aspects to home brewing. One thing I’ve found when reading these and many other sites is that everyone has their own opinion. Take them all under consideration and make the decision you feel is best for your own brewing adventure.

How To Brew – a perfect start for all around brewing information and by one of the most well known names in brewing – John Palmer

Homebrew 101 – Northern Brewer is a good site for equipment and information
How-to Video Library – They also have quite a few videos on the brewing process and more

HomeBrewTalk – a great homebrew community site with a lot for forum posts full of every aspect of brewing by all ranges of homebrew enthusiasts

Yeast by Fermintis – information on dry yeast, I typically use Safale S-04 and US-05

Yeast by Wyeast – information on liquid yeast which lot of home brewers also use

Hops, Hops, Hops – from BYO (Brew Your Own) magazine, a great read, is this hop chart for the variety of beer styles, explaining the properties and substitutions

Batch Sparging – information on batch sparging from Dennybrew – this is the method of sparging I follow and have had great success with

Beer For Dummies – nice basic information about beer itself