Beer list

All of my recipes, save one or two, were self-designed using inspirations from various sources. I don’t like to make clone beers and enjoy coming up with new recipes and tweaking my old ones.

My favorite style as of 2016 is the IPA. in the beginning, before brewing my first batch, I couldn’t stand the hop flavor and biterness in an IPA, however, it grew on me. I enjoy trying new beers from breweries and home brewers all over as it allows me to broaden my palate and get new ideas for future recipes.

Below is a list of beers I have made and hope to post more about each of them at some point. For more information and to see any others that may not be listed here, please check Tap This Homebrew on Untappd.

American Amber Ale

  • We Want The Reddy


American Brown Ale

  • BD4 Nut Brown
  • Brown B
  • DnB Ale
  • Hardwood’s Brown Drown – Winning Homebrew
  • Northern Wetlands


American IPA

  • C & D Citra IPA – Winning Homebrew
  • Iti Double IPA
  • Mosnoon IPA
  • Vacations End IPA (Black IPA)


American Pale Ale

  • Amarillo Shoal
  • Fresh Hops
  • Goosfraba
  • Seven Seas


Christmas/Winter/Spiced Ale

  • Yultide


Cream Ale

  • Split batch between Strawberry &¬†Vanilla


Extra Special Bitter / Ordinary Bitter (English Pale Ale)

  • Inkeeper’s Gold
  • Rainy Days
  • No Toasting Bitter



  • OVO Dry Stout (Orange, Vanilla, Oak)
  • Peggy Sue’s Oatmeal Stout
  • Mar’s Triple Chocolate Stout
  • Lola’s Milk Stout (served on Nitro)


Weizen (Heffenweizen)

  • Memorial Hef