Winning Homebrew

My home brewing adventure has never been about winning awards, but about sharing with family, friends, and those who enjoy good handcrafted beer. As you will read on my other pages and posts, I am continually improving my equipment, recipes, and processes to not just brew good beer, but great beer!

Since I keg my beer, it’s not too often I have bottles available to submit to homebrew competitions.

In 2015, I submitted C & D Citra IPA and Hardwood’s Brown Drown to the San Bernardino County Fair (Calif.). I also submitted C & D Citra IPA to the National Orange Show (NOS) Brewfest.

I won & placed!

At the 2015 S.B. County Fair, C & D Citra placed 2nd in the IPA class and Hardwood’s Brown Drown placed 3rd in the Brown Ale class.


At the 2015 NOS Brewfest, C & D Citra IPA won 1st place in their IPA contest.


I hope to submit to more contests in the future and will update this page with the results.