Insider Brewery Tour with BYO

Although the Brew Your Own Boot Camp was only two days (check out Day 1 and Day 2, they also offered an Insider Brewery Tour. The Sunday following camp, two dozen home brewers began an adventure to visit several local breweries, learn about their individual brewing setups, and try some great beer.


Guided by Hot Shots Brewery Tours out of San Diego, Ca., in a couple re-purposed forestry fire trucks, and greeted with an ice cold can of Ballast Point.

Our first stop was at Longship Brewery. I really like the theme of this brewery. They had a full wall mural of a viking ship out at sea and several long tables that await customers to enjoy a selection of good brews.

The tour of the brewery took us around their setup of vessels, a quick view of their steam engine for heating, and we even saw the owners homebrew setup that they use for small test batches. Checking in to Untappd, I earned the Voyage On badge for their brewery – you can check me out on Untappd to see the beer selection I had on these tours.

Next we headed over to Savagewood Brewing Company, where the owner (right photo), greeted us with a smile and told everyone, choose your four and enjoy.

Their brewery looked a little more packed of equipment. What’s interesting about Savagewood, is that they took over the space for a brewery going out of business, O’Sullivan Bros (kegs in right photo). Brewery. Savagewood owner wanted to pay homage to the former brewery and not let something just die, so they licensed a few of their recipes and continue to have at least one on tap at all times. Now that is awesome!

Eppig Brewing was out last stop. Located in a building divided in 3, shared by two other breweries (well one location is empty now). Interesting concept, but it seemed to work out being that they each brew somewhat different styles – so, you hit up one for a few, then just a couple steps away literally, you are at brewery #2.

Their brewery in on a split level (just a couple steps), but it adds a slight challenge when kegs are filled on the lower and finished on the top. Eppig, a family name, was decided by the husband and wife owners to continue being the breweries name after reviving it from their family brewery in the late 1800s out of New York.


In Craft We Trust, was our closing view as we hopped back on the fire trucks to head home. It was a great experience and my first time on a chauffeured brewery tour. All three breweries had great beer and very cool breweries to enjoy them in.