Homegrown Hops 2014

This was my second year of growing hops. Since I had a few issues with plants not coming up the first year, I purchased a few more rhizomes. This time, I believe I purchased 2nd year rhizomes. Note: the details on this post are being written a long time after the photos, so some of it is a bit hazy.

I was glad to see all my hops decided to come up this year and they were climbing quick.

The flowers (hop cones) look great here.

It’s good every couple of years to dig up your hop plants or at least stick a shovel down into the dirt all around the plant, about 12″ out from the crown. These next couple of photos are hop plants I started off of cuttings from my existing plants. The centennial was relentless and kept on sending off shoots. I ended up giving these to a friend to grow.

Harvest time yielded quote a few hops. It still wasn’t the volume I was hoping for.

There are other ways to use the hop cones produced each year, including hop pillows, which are supposed to help with headaches and such, or why not try infusing one of your beers with more hops. I can tell you now, this particular method didn’t provide the best results. The beer basically went flat really quick, however it did give it a lot of hop presence.