Man Cave – Brew Corner

2012 June

Ohhh Yeah!!! Just what it says…after 3 Mr. Beer Kits and a lot of chatting with my friend, 3 months later I decided to upgrade.

Now the one thing you will learn about me, and I’m sure my wife will agree, is that I do things out of order, hap-hazardly, and with little finesse. So what do I do…I build a Man Cave…Tim Allen would be proud.

The chain of events that led to this are a bit fuzzy, however I got the okay, sectioned off a corner of my garage and started building. The two walls were in pretty good shape and just needed some drywall patch. I had some left over OSB and put it up To create my ceiling, and added an additional outlet and shelving.

image       image

I had a stainless steel (garden) table that we used in the kitchen at one point…good thing I kept it. Cleaned it up and added wheels – perfect for brew days…and fits nicely too.



Then came the paint. Now, I’m very biased towards blue, so what better color to choose, and look, the hardware store had a whole theme to go with it. I chose Suddenly Sapphire for the walls, Midnight Hour for the ceiling and mixed the epoxy floor coating in the Smoke Screen color.


The colors came out a little different than I had imagined, but overall I am happy with the result.


If you’re going to do anything…do it right, or close to it…lets add some molding.

  And Vuala! Man Cave ready for brew.