Expanding The Palate

2012 June

Since I started with Mr. Beer and am now moving on to full batch all-grain brewing, I wanted to start expanding my palate and learn what all the flavors in craft beer there are. Like a chef, having a good palate will only improve your homebrew product that much more.

Since I didn’t have any of my own left at the time, I went to a Beer & Wine store and mixed up my own 6-pack. Don’t knock my choices, they were somewhat random. I like to constantly pick up new brews and try them, it’s a great way to expose me to new flavors and hone in on where I want my homebrew to go. Plus I get to try what’s new and excited in the craft beer world.


Alaskan White had a spicy (peppery) tone to it, Coronado Golden wasn’t too bad, and the Stone Ruination…WHOA!!!, don’t get this just yet…100+ IBU (it will kill your taste buds) – definitely one to work up to.