CO2 Line Mishap

imageIt’s not cool to go to pull a beer from draft and nothing comes out.  If you’ve been in this situation, then you know the feeling…

The way this came about has to do with me bottling some homebrew with my Blichmann beer gun. I was going to post a link to my page about it, but apparently I haven’t created one yet…look for it soon.

My kegerator is setup with a dual tap and for the bottling gun I needed an extra gas line. I picked up a ‘T’ for my CO2 tubing, along with several other parts and split off one of my main lines to make a third. All-in-all it worked well, however the problem I had was how to keep the third line shut-off when I’m not bottling. I added a shut-off valve to it, however with all the hoses, 2 kegs, and some beer bottles in the kegerator, anytime I moved something the valve seemed to get bumped. So I removed the valve and just kept a gas connector on the end of it as a plug.

I don’t recall exactly what I did, but one night after work, I went to poor some of my Amarillo Shoal Pale Ale and NOTHING. I quickly opened the kegerator door and looked at my gauge..EMPTY. Ugghh!

I was frustrated enough, but, after I picked up a refill on my CO2 ($12.00 at a local gas supply store – not bad) I took out everything in the kegerator, took apart all the hoses and put it back to the ‘stock’ setup. I was back in business and could kick back and enjoy a cold one.  They lost a little carb, but not too bad.

Fast forward a little while… I must not have learned, because I really wanted to bottle some to share, so I connected it all back up – just made everything tighter. I am placing an order for a 4-way CO2 distributor, and some other parts, to do this properly. I will also be moving my CO2 to the outside of the kegerator so I can fit 3 kegs inside a lot easier. Maybe one day I’ll build a bar and add a 3rd tap, that would be awesome!