New To Homebrew

Hey all!

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I decided to start blogging my experiences with homebrewing and craft beer. I am not a pro (yet), nor claim to be, but I hope that some of the information you find here can help you along the way down your own path to this delicious craft/hobby.

I started about 6 months ago (March 2012) and even in that short timeframe, my knowledge and taste for beer has changed…I’d say progressed.. Reason I say progressed, specifically with my taste, is because prior to this my palate has only known the ‘flavors’ of Budweiser and Corona. Granted, I did stray occasionally to a Hef or something I dreaded at the time. If you haven’t ventured beyond the Bud, you are definitely missing out. At this point to me, they taste watered down compared to the array of craft beer I’ve been exposed to. I still haven’t honed in on my tastes and characteristics of each beer, however they do have much more to offer.

So, I hope you enjoy reading and come back for more. Check out my other pages with links and information about my brewing process, equipment, and other tidbits.

The next few posts will be a flashback to things I’ve done…