Better Than Bottling

2012 July

Mr. Beer Kits are only 2 gallons each…but still, after doing 3 or so of them, I was already tired/bored of bottling. I had been looking at kegerators for a few weeks and telling my friend that I wanted to get this specific dual tap one. Really my only justification was that this specific kegerator it had a blue led temp display.

After weighing the expense compared to the single tap they sell at Costco, I finally saved up enough and bought it. I also  thought I’d be smart and save on the $100 shipping cost, so I just happened to be in San Diego on business and picked it up from BeverageFactory. A Danby dual tap kegerator that can hold 3 homebrew kegs (15 gal) and a CO2 tank all inside.


After putting it all together and getting it setup, I had nothing to put in it. So..I filled milk cartons with sanitizer and then off to the store for a six pack.

I pulled out all the random beer glasses I managed to collect and lined them up. It looked so good, but so very dry still.